Slide JANITORIAL ICS is an industry-leading janitorial service provider founded on our dedication to enhance the industry of janitorial services. We are committed to transparency, customer satisfaction, sustainable practices and a culture of care. WOMEN OWNED SERVICES Slide DIFFERENCE The mission and values of ICS can cleanly be summarized in the phrase “Culture of Care”. We genuinely care and prioritize this value in all aspects of our work. THE ICS Slide DAY We’re pioneers in enabling socially responsible practices by converting your cleaning services from night to daytime. The benefits are countless, both for your company and for the custodians. CLEANING Slide4 SUSTAIN ABILITY At ICS, “sustainability” is more than just a buzz-word: it’s a way of life. That’s because our management team has decades of combined industry service with promoting sustainable cleaning operations, not just in our company but throughout the industry.


Our mission is to create vital business alliances with our clients which support their business goals by providing innovative solutions, value-added services and operational excellence.

Sustainable Cleaning

We are an industry leader in sustainable cleaning operations. Click here to learn about the ICS balance between people, planet, and process.

The Culture
of Care

We’re a fully integrated, totally transparent organization that genuinely cares. Click to find out more about our unrelenting commitment to making our customers and our employees completely satisfied.


Come out of the dark. Learn more about the revolution in building maintenance that both clients and custodians love.

Janitorial Services Los Angeles

ICS is extremely proud to be one of the leading janitorial companies in the Los Angeles and Orange County area. Our commitment to providing premium cleaning and janitorial services, while maintaining sustainability and professionalism, is unsurpassed.

We offer an array of unique and expanded services to our valued clientele, ensuring superior communication, highly specialized customer service modelling, detailed cost breakdown and analysis, and an outstanding level of supervision and assessment of work done.

All of our work is completed in the most environmentally sustainable way, for the benefit of the planet, our clients, and our employees. We carefully select the most cost-effective, safe, and efficient cleaning systems, using a minimum of energy and choosing environmentally preferable chemicals.

We prioritize the importance of our clients’ satisfaction to our business, and we recognise that the most important members of our team are those who play a central part – our janitors and custodians. We foster a culture of safety, cohesion, and provide a merit system to encourage impeccable results every time.  We also offer day cleaning services which may be of benefit to some clients and employees.

We genuinely care about our planet, our clients, and our employees, and this is the difference you will see when you enlist our janitorial services in Los Angeles, Irvine, and the wider Orange County area.

Who We Are