At ICS, “sustainability” is more than just a buzz-word; it’s our way of life. That’s because our management team has decades of combined industry experience in developing and delivering sustainable cleaning operations, not just in our company but throughout the industry. ICS has built our operational platform on the principles of the Triple Bottom Line which demands we positively impact the people we serve and our employees, the environment in which we work and live, and the financial viability of our clients and our firm.

•   Profit:

At ICS, our operations are built upon transparent job cost analysis. This openness to the financial backbone of our programs ensures that out clients can truly understand their investment in ICS. Together, our organizations can build the most cost-effective and operationally efficient cleaning programs. We find this critical to meeting budgets during varying economic times.

•   Planet:

The operations at ICS integrate environmentally preferable chemicals and equipment which ensure a cleaner and safer environment for our tenants and custodians. Our products and processes are GreenGuard Certified. Our Day Cleaning Programs deliver up to an 8% reduction in energy usage. Our recycling programs are creative and effective.

•   People:

Our people are the foundation of our services and our clients are our focus for creating excellence in all we deliver. Our firm has developed a Culture of Care which ensures the safety, respect, and fair treatment of our workers. Our Culture of Care also extends to our clients through our healthy cleaning systems, our dedication to delivering excellent service, and our ability to understand their cleaning objectives.


Our entire operation, from the ground up, is founded on sustainable principles and practices. All Operations are driven by Healthy High Performance Cleaning principles and methods. Our Day Cleaning Program is the only Day service model in the world to be HHPC Day certified.

Here are some other things we are doing right to remain sustainable:
• Our standard chemical suite is just four chemicals—keeping it simple keeps it safe for the crew and our clients
• We use and mix only concentrated chemicals, reducing transportation, packaging and fuel from the supply chain
• Our processes and products are Green Guard certified
• We use only durable, washable, microfiber cloths that are color coded for safety
• We reuse our plastic bottles
• 100% of our vacuums are CRT Certified
• Our janitor closets are regularly audited for sustainability
• We offer day cleaning, saving up to 8% in energy costs
• We continuously audit ourselves to ensure we are meeting periodic deliverables, and the promised process is being delivered

We’re an industry leader in promoting the sustainable, socially responsible practice of switching your building’s cleaning services over to the day time. The benefits are many for your company as well as the custodians who work for us.

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