The ICS Difference


We recognize that the people your building will be seeing most is our workers: the custodians and janitors. Because of this central part our workers play in our operations, we put them at the top of our Organizational Chart, making it a reverse pyramid. In other words, the people who matter most, matter most. Below the custodians and janitors come our Operations Team, followed by Account Managers, and finally, at the bottom of our chart, are Upper Management and the CEO.

The missions and values of ICS can cleanly be summarized in the phrase “Culture of Care”.
We genuinely care, and prioritize this value in all aspects of our work.

For the Custodians

The care and respect we show our employees is what truly differentiates us from other cleaning service providers on the market today. Our company vision is to dispel the stigmas that surround the workers in our industry. Here is a list of what we do to promote a culture of care for our custodians and janitors:

•   Payroll and Cookies: We make a commitment to pay our workers fairly and on-time; on payday, everyone is greeted with a check, a smile and even a cookie.

•   Day Cleaning Options:  Day cleaning puts custodians and their families back together in the evenings. Click here to learn more. (Link to Day Cleaning Page)

•   See You Safe™ Program:  Our innovative See You Safe™ Program rewards those who promote a safe work environment. Coupled with continual training and supervision, we do much more than the bare minimum to ensure the well-being of our workers.

•   Christmas Party: Our annual company-wide Christmas Party gives us all a chance to bond while showing special appreciation to the people who make our company: the workers. It’s big, family-friendly, and a lot of fun.

For the Client

We wouldn’t be a successful cleaning company if our care didn’t start and end with the services we provide for the client. Here are a few ways that demonstrate our culture of client care:

•   Detailed cost analysis: Ask if our competitors can supply you with one. We break down every expense, including products and processes, to insure total transparency with where your money goes.

•   Highly specialized customer service models: If your job needs more supervisors, we provide them.

•   Communication: You’ll have 2-3 three individuals interfacing with you often and regularly—not just when complaints happen.

•   Better supervision of work done: We’ve got more eyes on the project, and consistently check our own work so you can focus on your business.

For the Planet

At ICS, our entire operation is infused with care for the planet. We constantly assess our products and practices and the impact they leave on the environment. Click here to learn about the specific, measurable difference ICS is making in sustainable solutions.

ICS See You
Safe™ Program

In line with our Culture of Care, ICS doesn’t simply punish employees when safety lapses happen. We cultivate an ethic of safety through a merit system where we show appreciation for employees who take safety seriously. It’s our vision that, along with adequate and continual training practices, the See You Safe™ program will create an unprecedented degree of incident avoidance and set an industry benchmark for safety.

Playing Music: The ICS Model

We’re a little unconventional; whatever your cleaning needs, ICS strives to deliver. As a result, the communication and service model for each of our clients can be different. Every Customer is an individual to us, and they dictate the level of communication necessary for them. It’s something that bigger companies can’t offer, and it’s one of the reasons we can boast a ten year average account retention rate.

Who We Are